The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 44


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 1986 on CBS

Episode Recap

George is a little boy who has to take care of his old grandmother when his mom has to go tot he hospital to tend to Georgie's older brother. The only problem is that he is very afraid of doing it although he forces himself to not be scared this time.

Later that afternoon his grandma asks for some tea and it is in this moment where his reassurance is destroyed. George prepares the tea and heads to her room, trembling all the way. As he gets closer to her, a sudden movement from her hand causes him to jump, spilling the tea all over the floor and making him escape from the room in panic. Later he realizes that he has to clean the spill so he crawls back to the room. While cleaning the mess he find a secret hatch where some old books lay.

Necronomicon is the book he has found plus some diaries in which George finds out that his grandmother is a witch. Moments later, he feels the urge to check on his grandmother only to find her dead. As he is leaving the room he thinks it would be a wise idea to cover her grandmother's face and as he is doing it, his grandmother comes back to life and this time she doesn't look fragile--she resembles a monster. George is trapped and dragged into his grandma, who engulfs him.

Later, George's mother has returned home and finds George in the kitchen. He informs his mother that his grandma passed away. The mother hugs George and consoles him by explaining to him that she will always be with them and this is true because George's eyes don't look human at all anymore.