The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 28

Her Pilgrim Soul

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 13, 1985 on CBS

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  • Soulmates meet after-death in a holographic way.

    This was an episode filled with lots of dialogue and not so exciting things like aliens or monsters jumping out on you but it had its moments, for example, when Nola relives her miscarriage and dissapears for a brief moment and then comes back, making you wish she would come back really soon to find out about the rest of his life and how it ended.

    I enjoyed the way the episode is told, it actually reminded me of many Hallmark channel drama movies.

    If you enjoy stories with a lot of talking, this is your Twilight Zone episode on the other hand if you prefer action and weapons being fired, this is not for you.
  • Her Pilgrim Soul

    The first half hour of this episode was actually quite good, they pulled me in they had me intrigued. But the second half was actually pretty boring and that is why I had to give it a low score, or at least a fair score. I invested an hour into this and I was not going to stop, but honestly they seriously made me consider doing that.

    Props to Chiller for reairing these Twilight Zone episodes, but this is certainly not one of the better ones, even by 1985 standards. Good to watch once, but certainly not for repeat viewings.
  • Any Buddhist or Scientologist would revel in this pageant of human potential. We are immortal and whether we inhabit human form or hologram we remain who we are and that is all powerful. Our native state - the free being - is cause over life.

    I have been a Scientologist well over half my life. I have never seen a television episode that touched so close and so deep. To view this episode is to view your beingness. It defines who you are, who you have been and what you have lost in becoming you this lifetime.

    We live lifetime after lifetime repeating our mistakes while losing all that we value. We strive to achieve greatness and fail. We catch glimpses of what could be only to settle for the mundane. While it is sane and it is proper to live for the now it may also be necessary to beg forgiveness for transgressions of lifetimes past to truly live.

    This episode reminds me of what I have done wrong and what I can still do right while life is within me.
  • A woman's soul is reincarnated in a hologram.

    This was a fairly original episode.

    The acting was fair, too. Some of the acting on these New Twilight Zone episodes has been really bad.

    I guess what makes this episode special in my estimation is the plot. Most of these stories are based on other short stories, so in that sense, they've already had a trial print, that is.

    This particular plot was something I had never heard of. Shows like the X-files had an episode called "Ghost in the Machine" that featured an A.I. gone awry. This episode featured a human soul that reincarnated in a machine/hologram. The originality did it for me. The positive ending also helped.
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