The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 8

Kentucky Rye

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 1985 on CBS

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  • Messed up guy, drunk driving, car accident, eternity in hell.

    After all, bad guys do go to hell and their own personal hell is usually the place they enjoyed the most, A paradox!

    This is an OK episode, I find it easy to watch and entertaining, no dull moments or time to go pick up a snack. In the past I would have hated this guy with all my heart but all I see now is a person who took a couple of wrong decisions thanks to his personal programming.

    I personally love the bar in which this place is filmed and the sense of solitude for eternity that this guy is going to suffer in the closing scene.
  • A very weak outing

    This episode had potential to be as good as any other. But as always, it comes down to execution. This time, the script just wasn't there. Nothing seemed to fit together here. They spend most of the episode setting up Bob as this terrible person. But once he crashes, nothing really happens. Who were all these people? One can assume they're all victims of drunk drivers, but there's no evidence to support this other than the one man who Bob killed. What was the whole point to making Bob spend all his money buying the bar if he was already dead? Was his terrible fate just to be trapped alone in the bar? It would have been much better if he had to face all the victims every day and every night for the rest of eternity, but they all inexplicably disappeared. And why crowd around him after he passed out on the pool table if they weren't going to do anything, which they didn't? Overall, this was an idea in search of a plot. It never found one.
  • Drunk driver becomes trapped in an imaginary bar with victims of drunk drivers.

    This was a creepy episode.

    An alcoholic veers off the road after having drank way too much at an after hours office celebration. He then stumbles out of his car to find a bar called Kentucky Rye.

    In the bar, he finds free alcohol and many happy people. He wins an arm wresting match and receives an offer to buy the place. Interestingly, the offer is for all of the money he has on his person.

    Then, he passes out. When he comes to, he realizes that it was all a dream, sort of. He looks out the window to find an accident scene. One of the patrons is in the bar and lays the truth on him. He realizes that he's trapped in this the Twilight Zone.

    This episode leaves much to the imagination when it comes to answering concrete questions about this man's situation. For me, that's what made it so compelling. There's lots to talk about, namely, who are all these people? Perhaps they are all of the people he has killed while driving drunk? Perhaps they are all people who died nearby? Who knows? You decide.