The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 28

Love is Blind

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 25, 1989 on CBS

Episode Recap

Jack Haines sits in his pickup truck outside the Mustang Bar. He's waiting for a man he knows his wife is coming to meet tonight (thanks to an overheard telephone conversation) and pulls a pistol from the glove compartment in preparation.

Jack enters and looks warily around, wondering which man it is. He sits down at the bar to wait. A man in dark glasses playing a guitar and singing on the stage finishes his song. He begins an introduction for the next song then seems to look at Jack at the bar. The man begins to sing a song describing Jack's situation down to the last detail. The bartender tells Jack that he doesn't know who the man is, coming in a few hours before, but that he eventually noticed the man was blind.

When the man finishes, he walks up to Jack and asks how he liked the song. Jack is angered when the stranger says the song is about him. He says he can sense all the bad things about Jack and continues to give ever more detail. Jack gets even more furious, threatening the stranger, then asks if he can pinpoint who's meeting with Jack's wife. The man doesn't know, but does warn that his actions will be disastrous. They're interrupted when Jack's wife enters the other end of the bar and sits down.

An egotistical lout hits on Jack's wife, then walks over to Jack. Jack is ready to kill the man before he readily admits that the woman wasn't interested. The singer returns to taunt Jack, telling him he almost killed the wrong man then bringing up Jack's own infidelities case by case. Jack accuses him of not being blind, pulling off his glasses to reveal white irises.

While a stream of men hit on Jack's wife, the man tells Jack that he was the victim of a jealous husband, the shot costing him his vision and killing the wife. The husband later committed suicide. But the shot gave him the ability to sense the bad feelings in others and later come up with songs about them. After a final warning, he walks away. Jack is indecisive but the bartender notes someone has finally shown up. Jack looks up to see his wife happily embracing his best friend.

Jack walks toward the back door, past the singer who's playing another song about Jack. Then he turns around and heads for the couple. They're surprised but not unhappy to see him. His wife quickly hides a brochure she was looking at. Jack pulls out the gun, firing two shots at the man, but his wife jumps in front and is killed. Jack is distraught at killing her and runs out into the back woods, where he falls at the feet of the singer. He gets up and runs again, but continues to run into the singer. Losing his way, he runs back to the bar, where his friend is telling the police that he was helping her choose a special gift for Jack's wedding anniversary. Jack cracks, screaming that it's a lie ... then suddenly finds himself seated back inside the bar. The singer walks up to him and says the choice is his again, this time for real. He walks out with his belongings. Jack watches his wife and friend leave. He follows them a bit, picking up the discarded brochure for mag wheels, which she wants to buy for his truck. He goes back to his pickup, where the singer awaits inside. The singer only asks for a ride down the road. Jack is still suspicious, but the singer says he needs to keep going, that there are other songs he needs to sing tonight.
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