The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 6


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 1988 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mary is a psychotherapist who helps people to remember their past lives using therapy so they can have a better present life. Unfortunately, there is only one person she is not able to hypnotize and that is herself. Every night, Mary plays her tapes trying to put herself into trance but it never works.

One morning, she has an appointment with one of her clients but to her amazement, her client already remembers her past lives. Mary arrives at her office only to find out that it is a government welfare office now. Mary is confused thanks to this situation so she decides to enter her office only to find out it is occupied now by Jim, a social worker who starts asking Mary some questions. Bothered by the whole situation, Mary leaves the building. Jim discovers that Mary cannot remember any of her past lives and immediately informs through the phone that "their man" might have arrived.

While walking down the city slums, Mary meets a woman who is in great pain and wants to die. Mary tries to change her mind but the woman insists that it is her right to choose death if she wants to. That way she will be born in a different body and a different life. Mary tries to find help for the woman. While looking for help, Mary is found by Jim and associates who drug her and take away in a van.

Mary wakes up in an abandoned warehouse, with Jim and another man ready to interrogate her. Initially they believe that Mary is lying about her incapacity to remember her past lives, something very unusual in this society. They conclude that she was probably a tyrant or a mass murderer in a past live so they drug her some more.

After trying the highest dosage of drugs they can, Jim and company realize that Mary is the savior they have been waiting for. Mary is a human being incapable of remembering her past lives. All the people in this world can remember their past lives thus they spend their life solving problems from their pasts. There is a lot of revenge and hate between the people of this world.

Mary finally realizes than remembering past lives is a curse in this world so she decides to help them. From now on, she will do the opposite she used to do in her previous life. She will be in charge of helping people forget their past lives.
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