The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 1985 on CBS

Episode Recap

A trooper pulls into a roadside rest stop during a torrential rainstorm. As he sits down to his meal, he recounts a massacre at a motel. "So shot full of holes, it looked like a war zone." A family from Denver stops in and places their orders. The trooper recommends not driving through the storm and offers to escort them to a nearby motel.

Vietnam veteran Price tears down the road and skids to a stop outside the rest stop. He steps in and orders coffee. Strange things happen while he's there, such as a Budweiser can taking the place of his coffee when he muses about how good a beer would taste. The trooper, suspicious of this reckless driver, begins questioning Price. Very reluctantly, Price tells them about his Vietnam experiences, then tries to leave. The trooper sees Price popping two pills and blocks his exit, recommending he go with the family to a motel.

After being prodded, Price tells of his special power, being able to create real things with his mind. They only last a few moments when he's awake, but lasts much longer if he's asleep. Price demonstrates by materializing a steak on the grill and guesses that it was caused by a chemical the Russians gave the Vietnamese to spray on Americans. He lets on that he was in the motel where the massacre occurred. His nightmare had caused all the deaths. He tries again to leave and the trooper confronts him with his gun drawn, believing him a psychotic murderer. The gun suddenly heats up and melts, severely burning the trooper's hand. The trooper knocks Price out with a ketchup bottle and Price's nightmare comes to life again. Viet Cong soldiers storm the diner with guns blazing. Everybody tries to wake Price up but can't. The trooper is killed by the VC. The cook tries to crush Price's head with a cast iron skillet but is shot in the attempt. The VC stand over Price as he regains consciousness. They kill him and the nightmare ends for everybody. But as the cook is lifted to an ambulance, he remembers that Price said four other veterans had the same power.