The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 27

One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 1985 on CBS

Episode Recap

Gus is a successful writer in Los Angeles who suddenly feels the need to visit the home where he spent his childhood. When he arrives to his old house he starts to remember how he buried toy soldiers in the backyard and days later he would unearth them. As he walks through the backyard of the now abandoned home he starts digging and finds one of his old soldiers which causes him to be transported back into time to the 50s.

The first thing he sees in this new timeframe is his younger self being beaten by his dad, Lou, because he might have stolen something. Gus sees this as an opportunity to help himself overcome some of his childhood traumas so he renames himself Harry and befriends young Gus and soon afterward saves him from two beatings. Their friendship seems to be good for younger Gus who is overcoming his fears and anger.

A couple of days go by and Harry decides it is time to go back since Gus is doing really well. Later that day he is visited by Lou who criticizes Harry for acting as Gus' father when he already has one. Harry tells Lou that is not the kid's fault, it is his fault for not trying harder to which Lou responds that the boy is too much for him and that every year it gets worse. The time for Harry to leave has come so he meets Gus to say farewell which he takes the wrong way, thinking that he being abandoned. Before running away, Gus tells Harry that he will grow up to be famous and then take revenge on Harry.

This has proven to be a beneficial experience for Gus, as he has learned that the reason why was so mad all this time was his own fault and not other people. Finally, Harry heads back to the backyard and travels back to his time.