The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 27

One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 1985 on CBS

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  • Inner-struggling guy goes back in time to his own childhood.

    Although not creepy or dark but indeed sci-fi, I did enjoy this episode thanks to a good pace and a great story.

    We find Russ Rosenthal feeling a little off so he decides to pay a visit to his own childhood home. When he unearths an old toy soldier from the backyard he is transported back to the 50's where he meets his own younger-self. In the end we discover that the reason for all his anger was not other people but actually himself.

    Well told and great ending where we are shown that other parallel universe exist and many other realities are existing at the same time as ours.
  • Gus Rosenthal finds himself back in time, addressing himself as a young boy, hoping to avert the poor choices he made in life.

    Gus Rosenthal is somehow transported back in time to his childhood. Able to talk to his younger self, he tries to help himself make better choices and take his life in the right direction. However, by the end, when he must return, Gus realizes his own angry life was directed at the one man who showed compassion and care. "It was Mr. Rosenthal who left me. I was angry at him."
    I vividly recall the closing narration: It's rather bittersweet how we spend so much time trying to justify ourselves to shadows of those who are long gone. And even if they were alive, would they remember? Would they recall what they had said or done that made you spend the rest of your life proving yourself? And if you could go back, wouldn't you learn that you were always the master of your fate? And if you learn that great truth, wouldn't it free you of a useless burden? Dead cargo... from the Twilight Zone.
    This one episode had a dramatic impact on me. It was not scary, just sobering, insightful and helpful.
    I wish there was a way to get this episode on DVD.