The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 25

Opening Day

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 1985 on CBS

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  • A fair epsiode

    A fair epsiode
  • Cheating wife plots husband's death

    Yawnnnnnnnnn! Another episode that feels different than the rest. This is the kind of story that i don't enjoy in the twilight zone universe, there is too much suspense and intrigue and not enough lasers being fired or demons being decapitated.

    Rich guy with evil wife who wants him death teases lover to do it. When this happens our bad guy (the lover) takes the place of our good guy (the husband) and relives the last hours in the life of our poor victim.

    As usual an ending with a twist.

    A good TZ episode but it doesn't have anything creepy in it and I love it creepy.
  • Cheating couple plans to kill woman's husband on the first day of duck season.

    This episode worked for me on only one level: Jeffrey Jones and the guy from The Karate Kid starring in the same show.

    The actual plot and events were a bit confusing. I'm not sure why everything backfired the way it did, but maybe that's the Twilight Zone at work. I guess that's consistent with the idea that the Twilight Zone is the place where our fears confront us. The man (played by the guy from the Karate Kid...I'm too lazy to look up his name right now) states that he is afraid of killing his mistress's husband. These fears end up becoming his undoing.

    Not exactly a switch-a-roo episode and not exactly a flash back, this one is about par for the course for the New Twilight Zone.
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