The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 43


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 1986 on CBS

Episode Recap

Matthew is a military satellites specialist who was frozen three centuries ago because he had a cancer that couldn't be removed and now he is awakened from his long sleep. The world he finds is apparently not futuristic at all, but resembles a community of peasants in the Middle Ages.

The people of the future have scheduled an operation so they can remove his tumor and here he sees that the community is very advanced as they they remove his cancer without using any type of tools. Sarah, one of the community leaders, explains to him that their community possesses telepathic powers.

Once recovered from his medical procedure, Matthew is taken to the ranking community leader, Joshua, who in turn leads him to the "computer" room to tell him why he was brought back to life. There is a huge meteor approaching Earth that when it hits will destroy all life on the planet. To prove it, Irene, a scanner with special telepathic powers, sends the images of the meteor to Matthew's head. Matthew is also told that a nuclear war had occurred twenty years after he had been frozen and that the remaining 200,000 survivors decided to finish with all kinds of technology for good. They need Mathew's satellites to destroy the meteor before it impacts the Earth.

Matthew agrees and the community builds him a computer made out of pieces from the past which allow him to contact one of his satellites that is still working after all this time. He manages to set it up so it will destroy the meteor when it gets close to the Earth. However, when the meteor changes its trajectory and slows down, Matthew realizes that it is not a meteor but some kind of intelligently=created object. Irene is ordered to telepathically show Matthew that the meteor is in reality a U.S. space shuttle returning to Earth from space.

Joshua explains to Matthew that the people on that shuttle are the ones who started the war and have nuclear weapons aboard. Matthew refuses to believe it and tries to stop the satellite from destroying the space ship. However, Sarah removes an important chip from the computer before Matthew can stop it. Once the satellite blows up the shuttle, the explosion is a proof of nuclear warheads aboard the shuttle and Matthew feels relieved.

With a new life ahead, the first thing Matthew wants to do is visit space which Irene does by telepathically taking him there.