The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 26

Rendezvous in a Dark Place

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 1989 on CBS

Episode Recap

Barbara Lemay is an elderly woman fascinated with death. After visiting the funeral of a person she does not know, Barbara tells her son all the details of the service, even the kind of food offered. Her son gets upset with her attitude and reprimands her, as well as commending she stop her unhealthy obsession with the morbid.

Later on a stormy night, Barbara hears noises outside her home and gets out of bed to check. In her living room she finds an armed burglar who is injured. He aims his gun at her, but collapses from the loss of blood. Moments later, he wakes up and Barbara takes care of his injuries. Out of nowhere, Death appears in Barbara's living room, but only she can see him. Death informs Barbara that he is here to take the injured burglar away. However, Barbara offers herself in his place. Death refuses her proposal, saying he cannot take life from where it is nonexistent and calls the dying robber a person with more life than her. She argues that nobody needs her anymore and that she wants to die, but Death leaves without her.

The next morning, the police comes to pick up the body of the burglar and Barbara devices a plan to have Death take her away. Late at night, Barbara dresses elegantly and considers suicide, then waits for Death's visit. Suddenly, he appears and asks Barbara if he has hurt her. Barbara reveals that her obsession with death comes from all the times she saw her relatives' faces after they were dead; these faces were finally free of pain and fear. Peace is all Barbara wants and thinks that the only way to find it is through death. Barbara also talks about how she one day will take some painkillers and kill herself. Death changes his mind and decides to take Barbara with him right away. As she takes his hand, they reappear in a hospital room where a man is dying. Barbara, now dressed in black, informs Death that he has become so jaded that he doesn't know how to comfort the dying any more. She tells the dying man, who is in great emotional pain, that he must not fear because she brings him peace. As she passes her hand over the man's face, he expires. She and Death leave... together.