The Twilight Zone

CBS (ended 1989)





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  • This show features everyday people put in strange out-of-this-world experiences.

    This is truly a great show. The older version is a true classic but this version is highly entertaining itself. Since Rod Serling was not around to do the writing anymore there was bound to be a drop off. The show still managed to be better than most of the other shows out there. Even some of the re-hashed storylines weren't bad since you got to see current actors and actresses playing the parts. It's kind of like when a classic song is covered by a current day music group. It use really bother me as I would think that the current day band is trying to ride someone else’s coat tails. However I have come to learn that in music, movies and television many of today kids would not be exposed to the older material if it were not made popular by someone in the current time.