The Twilight Zone

Season 2 Episode 20

Song of the Younger World

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jul 17, 1987 on CBS

Episode Recap

America, 1916. Young Tanner Smith is in love of Amy. However, there is one problem: Amy's father, Mordecai, a very religious man, is against their relationship.

One day Tanner and Amy are in the hay kissing and Mordecai finds them. He beats Tanner and warns Amy that if she meets Tanner again, she will be severely punished. Amy's is deeply depressed and loses her will to live. The Hoakie, a tramp, is the only connection left between the two lovers; he also gives them hope to keep on fighting.

Amy and Tanner meet secretly at the library where she shows him a book that explains how to transport your spirit to a different dimension through a magic method explained in its pages. Tanner can't understand what she is talking about. Later, Amy tries the procedure indicated in the book at her home and manages to transport herself for a couple of minutes to another dimension. Mordecai has been lurking all this time and takes the book away from her and burns it. However, he is unaware of the existence of more copies at the library.

Amy makes a plan so Tanner and she can escape and be together forever. She tells the Hoakie that she is going to transport her soul into another dimension so that it appears she committed suicide, and that he has to deliver a note to Tanner where she explains the whole plan better. Amy meets Tanner quickly and tells him to listen to the Hoakie and the note he has for him. Tanner is still confused about the whole situation and can't fully understand.

The next morning Tanner goes to pay Amy a visit but finds her dead. Filled with anger, Tanner finds Mordecai and tries to kill him but fails. Mordecai has Tanner thrown in a dungeon. The Hoakie manages to enter the dungeon and hand the note Amy sent to Tanner. Mordecai decides to take matters into his own hands after he finds the body of Amy. He heads to the dungeon and shoots the Hoakie but when he tries to shoot Tanner is already too late. Tanner deciphers the note and transports himself to another dimension where he meets Amy. Finally, Amy and Tanner are together forever, in the form of wolves.
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