The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 27

Special Service

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 08, 1989 on CBS

Episode Recap

John Sellick is shaving one morning when he knocks his bathroom mirror and discovers a video camera behind it. Archie the repairman instantly enters and remounts the mirror. He denies seeing a camera and somehow knows many details of John's life. John refuses to let him leave and finally goes to call the police. Archie relents and beckons John into the closet, out of camera range. He tells John about how all his friends and neighbors helped set up cameras everywhere he goes. Archie leaves and his wife whispers into his ear that the ratings are great and he shouldn't ruin things.

John clumsily looks around for more cameras on the pretense of looking for his car keys. He discovers more cameras around the house and removes them. He gets a phone call warning him against further vandalism but continues even faster. Two men in trench coats appear at his door and drag him into a car along with Archie. On the way to the offices, the car is mobbed by legions of female groupies. John is surprised by how much he's adored. In the waiting room, John picks up a remote control and turns on the TV. Every channel shows him. The receptionist shows him in and an executive says that John is ruining a multimillion-dollar business. John protests but the exec explains that his life is high drama and that they've been making "happy coincidences" for him for the past five years. John demands his privacy back and the exec reluctantly leaves the room to arrange transportation home. Then John sees a groupie outside and lets her in. He forces her to leave but her adoration convinces him that maybe being the star isn't all bad. Archie returns, assigned to take John home. Archie visits later, bringing a check for John's five years of back pay. Between the money and the women, John is tempted again. Archie pulls him into the closet and suggests that they reinstall the cameras, pretend that he thinks they're gone and keep the show going. Archie leaves with a wink and John woodenly begins acting like how he thinks he should.