The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 26

The Beacon

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 1985 on CBS

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  • isolated village under the rule of an evil power

    This episode is creepy and as I said before I like it creepy, dark and spooky. This show starts with a doctor whose car stops working in the middle of a dusty road, not having where else to go he decides to venture into a fenced path that leads into a small and secluded community which is overlooked by a dark and foggy lighthouse.

    The atmosphere is completely scary, I could feel as if I was in the most god forgotten place on earth. The ending scene is so awesome. Reminds me of many zombie movies I like.

    I don't see why it rates so lowly but to me it is a gem!
  • No basis in the Twilight Zone

    There's nothing here that would place this episode in the purview of the Twilight Zone. True, there's a ghost story, but we don't know that the ghost is real, and that's the kind of twist that is to be expected from any episode of this show. From everything we're shown, it's nothing more than a simple tale of superstition and mob mentality, of an isolated community where one influential man is taking advantage of its residents' ignorance. In other words, a straight drama. But to belong in the Twilight Zone, one needs more than drama. There has to be a sense of the fantastic, of something that simply cannot exist in the real world. This story is all too plausible. Something like it can and almost certainly has happened.
  • Beacon of light chooses a sacrificial lamb in a small community.

    This episode reminded me a lot of "The Lottery," a story I read in Jr. High. In that sense, it's a bit unoriginal.

    On the other hand, the Twilight Zone was good at being visually terrifying. I remember tuning in to this episode as a kid and hiding under the covers while it was on. I was so scared by it that I turned off the TV at the end and couldn't bring myself to watch the second part of the airing.

    Martin Landau gives a good performance as the creepy guy from the small town. The Dr. who's car breaks down is a familiar face from the 80's. Not a bad episode.
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