The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 9

The Call

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 19, 1988 on CBS

Episode Recap

Norman is a shy and solitary office clerk whose life revolves around his little apartment. One day late at night, he calls a phone number in response to an advertisement for classical music but he dials the wrong number. Norman's phone call is answered by a female voice, Mary Ann, obviously not the person he expected. Strangely, Norman and Mary Ann hit it off pretty well, both being lonesome people.

The next day at Norman's office, he cannot stop himself from talking to his colleague about what he did last night. His colleague convinces Norman to ask Mary Ann out but also prompts him that he must never bother him again.

Later that night, Norman phones Mary Ann and after a long conversation, he invites her out; sadly, she refuses to go out with him and asks to be only phone-friends.

The days go by and Norman's colleague is irritated that Norman doesn't utter a word anymore. The reason is that Norman is brokenhearted. Once again, Norman's colleague has an idea. He recommends Norman ask the phone company for the address to Mary Ann's phone number. It turns out that the phone number belongs to an art gallery downtown. When Norman visits it, he cannot find a person by the name Mary Ann there so he decides to phone her number from inside the art gallery and follows the ring tone to its source. The phone is in a room with a couple of works of art. Among them is a full-sized young women's sculpture. A visitor informs Norman that this is the last work and a self-portrait of an artist who killed herself, her name: Mary Ann Lindeby.

The next night, Norman calls Mary Ann who tells him how she saw him looking at her at the art gallery. Norman gets very upset and throws the phone away. Still a little overwhelmed by the whole situation, Norman phones Mary Ann who informs him that they should end this relationship and bids him farewell.

Norman doesn't want to give up so he heads to the art gallery and gives Mary Ann's statue a moving speech, which causes the statue to cry. Norman returns home but this time his phone rings first. On the other end, Mary Ann asks him to visit her later that night. He thinks this is the last chance he has and agrees to go.

At the art gallery, Norman and Mary Ann can finally talk to each other. Norman touches Mary Ann's hand and he instantly becomes a statue himself. In the end, two lovers are together for eternity in the form of a statue.