The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 16

The Cold Equations

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 07, 1989 on CBS

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  • The ethical dilemma created by the laws of physics - mass and momentum - cannot be escaped. A life must be taken or all will die. But whose life?

    This is a great episode. Even if the engineering should have permitted a larger margin of error, the math and physics make the dilemma impossible to resolve without taking a life - someone's, but whose? The "innocent" stowaway who should have known better? The captain who should have checked the small spacecraft before launch? The colonists who are infected and need the medications which the spacecraft is bringing to them? Even self-sacrifice on the part of the captain is ruled out. Would you pull the handle which propelled the stowaway into the coldness of space? If not, your decision would cost the lives of several more. If so, are you committing murder, or is it the ethical thing to do? Watch and enjoy this adaptation of Tom Godwin's 1954 classic sci-fi tale.
  • Very possibly the only hard science fiction ever seen in TZ

    While both the original and 1985 Twilight Zone zones are often listed in the science fiction category, the truth is that both series were fantasy, with a smattering of science fantasy at best. That is to say, sometimes they had stories that involved spaceships or aliens. This episode, though, can be considered hard science fiction -- fiction that can be plausibly projected from existing science, with no deviations into the supernatural or humanoid aliens with thinly veiled human emotions and motivations. It makes no wild leaps into flying cities in space, teleportation, alternate dimensions or time travel. The only flaw, and a forgivable one, is that the ship, supposedly designed to be as light as possible, is far too spacious, wasting precious material creating large compartments and artificial gravity. It would have been better to have a small, confined space similar to the space capsule in the 1975 TV movie, "Stowaway to the Moon." Perhaps a second flaw in the plot device of the computer not knowing that the ship was overweight at liftoff but only when they're in deep space.

    In point of fact, this (along with "Stowaway") is one of the very few pieces of hard science fiction ever seen on television. The only downside is that this makes it a poor match for the Twilight Zone. And yet, I like this episode far more than first season episode, "The Beacon." That, too, was a straight drama without any on-screen supernatural aspects or trademark TZ twist at the end. Maybe it's because this was ruthlessly logical. Both characters acted exactly as we would expect them to in the real world. And both had the very best of intentions. It's just that sometimes, the hard choices have to be made, the "cold equations" calculated. It's an unpleasant truth, and the ending is fittingly heartbreaking.
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