The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 23

The Shadow Man

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 1985 on CBS

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  • Shadow man is actually part of the Shadow men union.

    Danny is your typical nerdy teenager who is bullied at school by some football team member. One night in his room the Shadow man comes out from under his bed as he has found this place as his new resting place.

    Wow! the dream of your childhood is true in this episode for this kid, to be able to control an evil and powerful being at will, one that will payback to all those who have hurt its master and that's what we see in this episode. A kid whose "friendship" with the dark figure changes his life for good, as he is more confident than before and actually scores with the girl he likes.

    Love this episode, great spooky atmosphere, could be a movie!
  • The Shadow Man

    "I will never harm the person under whose bed I live."

    I thought they were going to go for the twist with the kid getting beaten up by the shadow man because he was not under the bed at the time, but they ended up having it be another shadow man that beat him. Not a particularly good twist if you ask me.

    It was an interesting character and an interesting premise they introduced. You knew that the kid would not end up winning, horror shows rarely let that happen, but as I said, they went with the wrong ending in my eyes.
  • Kid (Danny) gets bullied. He has a Shadow Man living under his bed who says "I will never harm the one under whose bed I live." Knowing HE won't get hurt, Danny meets a bully after dark for a fight. Shadow Man shows up, grabs Danny - different Shadow Man

    When I talk about great episodes of TTZ (60s and 80s versions) I always include this one. Good effects and great ending. The twist at the end with the Shadow Man being "from under someone else's bed" was just a classic twist. When my daughter saw it with me recently she thought it was the SAME Shadow Man but that he'd switched beds. Meaning, he could still hurt the kid. I was thinking about that one and ya know, that may have actually been a better ending! Anyway, this is just great storytelling and I thought the episode had a great look, too.
  • A little boy is frightened and amused by a mysterious monster under his bed.

    This was one of the best of the 1980's reincarnation of the Twilight Zone.
    The plot is simple. A shadow monster lives under a little boy's bed. It will not harm whose bed it sleeps under.
    After a few murders, the boy decides to use the Shadow Monster to take care of a bully.
    It works, scaring the bully. Only the boy finds this Shadow Monster is from underneath someone else's bed.
    Cleverly written, very scary, and had the perfect ironic twist of an ending.
    I was in college when I saw this one. I only wished I could have been maybe 12 or 10 when I saw it--because it would have scared me all the more.
  • I was a scared 5 year old

    I recently overheard a friend talking about this episode and thought I was the only one that remembered it. I saw it when I was 5 yrs old and it scared the CRAP out of me. I always believed in the boogie man and this confirmed their existance and the kid dies at the end!? I don\'t think I slept for weeks after that. Still one of my most remembered episodes.
  • ahhh the nostalgia from the 80s...

    all i kno is that i never forgot this episode... i must have seen it on its first run or first repeat sometime during the mid to late 80s... and to this day damn near 20 yrs later i still get a slight case of the chills when i remember it. and i\\\'d like to thank this website for helpin me find this show cuz for years i couldnt remember if this episode was twilight zone, monsters or tales from the darkside. thanx for the nostalgia guys... not from under your bed... creepy stuff for a kid years from puberty...
  • The man-under-the-bed story with a twist!

    This was a clever episode.

    The boogeyman who lives under a kid's bed vows to never hurt the one under who's bed he lives. A brainy kid, who's unpopular at school, gets a boose of confidence from the fact that he is immune to the boogey man, who lives under his bed. Kids are missing and dying at the hands of this terror.

    The twist at the end isn't what I expected, but still very sleek: he's mauled by a boogeyman who lives under someone else's bed.

    The acting in this episode is poor, but the story makes it worth while. Not a bad installment. Definately worth a 10 minute investment.