The Twilight Zone

Season 2 Episode 5

The Storyteller

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 1986 on CBS

Episode Recap

Dorothy, a retired teacher, is visiting her niece when she bumps into one man she can never forget. As he leaves in a taxi, Dorothy and her niece decide to follow him in another taxi. While they go after him, Dorothy tells the story of how she met that man.

It is 1933 and Dorothy has been assigned to a small school somewhere in West Virginia. The teacher she is replacing informs her that Mica, one of the students, should be allowed access to the library at all times. Once in class she meets Mica, a boy who is always writing on his notebook.

Believing Mica's behavior is unusual, Dorothy asks him to tell his parents to come to school to talk to her. Mica informs her that his parents are dead. Dorothy is told that Mica lives only with his grandfather and that he can't come to meet her and that she can't meet him at their home either. On her way back home, Dorothy decides to spy on Mica but she bumps into something and makes a loud noise which makes Mica come out of the home to check immediately. Mica explains to her that he writes stories that keep his grandfather alive, or rather, that he writes stories that keep his grand-grand-grand-grandfather alive by only reading to him a half of the story a night, leaving the ending for the next night and so on. Dorothy can't believe this.

Next morning at school, Mica has an accident when he falls from a tree, hitting his head and breaking an arm. He is taken to spend the night with the town's doctor but he doesn't want to because there won't be anyone to keep his grand-grand-grand-grandfather alive. Dorothy, feeling somehow responsible for the old man, goes to his home that night and reads him a story she makes up.

The next day, Mica rushes home, only to find out his grand-grand-grand-grandfather alive and well. He is also surprised to find out that Dorothy was there to read that story to save a life.

Back in the present, Mica gets out of the taxi and walks up some stairs, followed closely by Dorothy and her niece. He enters a door and as it opens, we start to hear Dorothy reading this story to her own mother, who asks for the ending. Dorothy answers "Tomorrow, mother" and leaves.