The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 10

The Trance

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 1988 on CBS

Episode Recap

Leonard Randall is a medium who can channel the spirits of ancient time; one of them is Delos, a warrior from the island of Atlantis, which was destroyed by a cataclysm ten thousand years ago. Delos answers the questions of people when he enters the body of Leonard. All these people have to pay for their chance to ask. Leonard has a friend, Don, who is also his accountant.

However, the entire thing is all nothing but a fraud in which Leonard and Dan make lots of money by putting on this big show. One day, Leonard starts to channel a real entity and this causes many problems to his public image and his friendship with Dan. The uninvited guest says a couple of truths to a TV producer who wants to have Leonard on his show, infuriating him to the point that he cancels Leonard's appearance on the program. The next day, Dan orders Leonard to go to the psychiatrist and there, once again, the uninvited guest makes some truthful commentaries that upset the psychiatrist who throws Leonard out of the office.

Dan manages to get a second chance for Leonard to appear on the TV show. However, this is his last public presentation as the uninvited guest takes control of Leonard once more and tells the whole world how Delos is nothing but a fraud. The next day, Don leaves because the fraud is over and Leonard is no longer profitable.

In shock at the whole situation, Leonard starts to shout at the walls and everything around him in search of whoever owns the voice that now ends his career. The voice speaks up and informs Leonard that the universe listens to everybody. When he was channeling Delos and pretending to bring wisdom to the world, the universe took notice and sent real wisdom to him as an answer.