The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 1985 on CBS

Episode Recap

Bill Lawery, a veteran salesman, has been all night studying a new catalogue of medical equipment with very complicated names. While shaving in the bathroom the next morning, things start to become weird. Once he is downstairs having a coffee his wife Kathy comments on their regular doctor being changed for another doctor called "Bumper" which Bill finds funny. Leaving to work he sees his neighbor watering the plants and calling his dog "encyclopedia". Later, while working he overhears younger salesmen whispering to one another "you can't teach an old dog new trumpets." Soon afterwards his boss uses the word "trowrug" instead of anniversary. What really starts to creep Bill out is when he is waiting for the elevator and one work mate asks him where he could take his girlfriend out to "dinosaur" instead of lunch.

Back at home he is welcomed by his wife who comments that their son is not feeling well and that he had barely touched his "dinosaur" and this really upsets him as he starts to believe that something is very wrong. After a heated discussion he is told that "launch" is actually a "sort of reddish" and not food.

From here, it is downhill for Bill who can hardly understand anything he is told at work. He rushes back home only to find his wife sick worried about their son although Bill can't understand a word she is saying. He suspects his son is very sick with pneumonia. They race to the emergency room in the hospital to save his life.

The doctors manage to save the kid's life, although they are still talking gibberish it's clear the boy will live. Back at home Bill goes up to the child's room and starts reading a children' book willing to learn the new language.