The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 13

Ye Gods

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 1985 on CBS

Episode Recap

Following an afternoon lunch, yuppie Todd Ettinger has a run-in with the angry Roman god Cupid after he shrugs off one of the god's attempts to make him fall in love with a beautiful blonde woman. Cupid follows Ettinger to his office and bemoans modern society. Before he leaves Cupid gives Todd a massive dose of unrequited love.

The next day, Todd fleetingly sees the blonde woman and his mind is preoccupied by his love for her. He realizes its Cupid's doing and tracks him down. He finds him at a party with another god Bacchus who owns a winery. A drunk Cupid reveals to Ettinger that he can't help him because he is washed up and also is having problems with his own love life. Bacchus tells Ettinger that Cupid has had a falling out with a fury named Megaera and gives him a Latin passage that can be used to summon her.

Later in his room, Ettinger summons an angry Megaera who tells him that she broke up with Cupid because he was cheating on her. She then disappears.

Ettinger, however, plans to get them back together. He affixes a piece of cloth to his office door. On it, is written a passage that can prevent any heavenly being from leaving the room once it had entered. He then summons Megaera who comes and is trapped in the room. Later Cupid arrives and is also trapped. For a while they are angry, but they manage to overcome their differences after Cupid apologizes for his past indiscretions.

Ettinger leaves the room, but when he returns they are gone having left with the help of window washers. Ettinger is upset and to cool off he decides to buy a new car. On his way out of the dealership, however, his car is hit from behind by the blond woman. The two finally meet. As a waving Cupid drives by with Megeara, Ettinger and his new love kiss.