The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 13

Ye Gods

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 1985 on CBS

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  • Cupid has problems with the love of his life

    It is the 20th century and the roman mythology gods have settled in LA. One of them, cupid, is having trouble with his heart, a big bleeding scar from the past makes him act bitterly towards poor humans. One of these humans, a yuppy more precisely, has an encounter with our cupid and that's when all hell (or averno) breaks loose.

    I don't like this episode very much cause the situations are rather silly and there is nothing much going on. I loved the ending though, as we see our cold-hearted yuppy finding the love of his life and cupid finally, after many decades, returning with the owner of his heart.

    Love for everyone!
  • Roman gods are alive and well in 1980's L.A.

    This was a fair episode, but I know I've seen better ones in this series.

    In it, the Roman gods Cupid and Bacchus are alive and well in 1980's Los Angeles. Cupid's heart is broken and he can't work his magic as well as he used to.

    Cupid tries his magic on a yuppie and it fails. Eventually, after the yuppie goes to extremes to mend cupid's heart, he meets the woman with which he has been cursed to have an unrequited love.

    What's most interesting about this episode is how it reveals the native values of 1980's yuppie culture. It shows the materialistic drive. It comments on how "crazy" one would have to be to abandon one's hollow quest for money and material possesions in order to fall in love.
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