The Twilight Zone

Season 5 Episode 4

A Kind of a Stopwatch

Aired Unknown Oct 18, 1963 on CBS

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  • Poetic Justice

    In The Twilight Zone Companion, its author Marc Scott Zicree pans "A Kind of Stopwatch" because the character of Potts (Leon Belasco) is written as a mere plot device to give the magic stopwatch to the main character McNulty (Richard Erdman) as soon as possible. In fact, the character of Potts is underwritten to pique the curiosity of the audience as to why he would give McNulty the watch in exchange for a beer. Perhaps this could have been written more cogently, but it works well enough. Potts, who spews quotes while inebriated, seems to be a blowhard like McNulty, albeit a debilitated one. The audience gets the impression that Potts attempted to use the stopwatch to his advantage in some way that backfired, causing him to take a cold and hard look at himself, as well as made him desperate to get rid of the watch as soon as possible. McNulty is the perfect candidate to force such a device onto: he needs to reform from his garrulity. But in the end McNulty does not learn his lesson and suffers poetic justice. Indeed, after he freezes time and breaks the stopwatch rendering the world permanently frozen in time, he begs the now frozen bartender Joe to unfreeze promising never to run his mouth again; but we the audience know that McNulty has not learned his lesson and would resume babbling and irritating people like before the moment he got a second chance.
  • After being fired from his job, Patrick McNulty goes to a local bar where he drives all the customers away except one: a drunken man named Potts. For buying him a beer, Potts gives McNulty a gift: a unique kind of stopwatch. How unique? You will see.

    This episode has a very clever premise. However it may be a victim of its own attempts at perfection. Just two minutes into this episode I was just as annoyed at McNulty as everybody in the episode was! I understand that is the whole idea, but I think this episode shows some things can be done too well for their own good. The irritating McNulty took away from my enjoyment of this episode which, like many other "Twilight Zone" episodes, will make you think twice about what you wish for. This is not a perfect episode, but one worth seeing.
  • A man is given a stopwatch by a stranger that he finds does more than just keep the time.

    An interesting story that i\'m sure everyone has fantasized about before. This guy gets a stopwatch that can stop time, and he doesn\'t even know how to use it well. He pulls a prank on his boss, but the man has no idea how to use time manipulation. Maybe it\'s just the mind of a teenager working, but there are lots of cooler things that you could find to do with the stopwatch.Nonetheless a great episode, and a just twist in the end that gets this guy back for trying to steal from a bank. The ending was kind of predictable, but the episode was still pretty cool.
  • the man was the bomb!!

    i loved this episode!! Its is womderful and well written and it was very interesting. i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it l love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love it i love t i love it i love it!!!!