The Twilight Zone

Season 2 Episode 10

A Most Unusual Camera

Aired Unknown Dec 16, 1960 on CBS

Episode Recap

Paula and Chester rob an antique store and take refuge in a hotel room. Chester is unimpressed with their haul but Paula notes that they had at least one item: an antique camera with a French inscription on it. Chester notes that the camera doesn't even have a place to put the film in. He takes a picture of Paula by the window but when it's exposed, it shows her wearing a fur coat even though she doesn't own one. Chester figures it's a gag camera and then opens a chest that they stole. Inside they find a fur coat and Paula tries it on standing by the window. Chester notices that the photo now matches Paula's pose... several minutes in the future from when he took it.

That night, Chester is still worried about the camera and Paula takes a picture of the door to demonstrate it's harmless. A picture emerges, showing Paula's brother Woodward coming through the door. Woodward has been in prison for seven years and isn't scheduled for release. However, a few minutes later Woodward walks through the door, explaining that he broke out of prison and came to hide with them. The trio try to figure out what to do with the camera and Chester suggests they give it to science for the benefit of humanity. However, he quickly changes his mind when Woodward switches the TV to a horse race. Chester figures that they can take it to the tracks and use it to win big at the races by predicting future winners. They go to the track and take six pictures, and win big.

Back at the hotel room, the trio count up their money when the waiter, Pierre, comes to collect their food. He reads French and translates the inscription as saying that there are only 10 pictures allowed per user. They get the waiter out and then fight over how to use the remaining two pictures. During the struggle they accidentally trigger the camera, and the resulting picture shows Paula cowering back in fear. Chester and Woodward accuse each other of trying to kill them, and in the struggle they both fall out the window. Paula quickly overcomes her grief to collect the money, and takes a last picture of the two of them down in the courtyard. Pierre comes in... and starts taking the money. He reveals he's checked them out and knows that they're wanted, and there's nothing she can do to stop him. He tells her to get out before the police arrive. As he goes, he notices the camera has a photo sticking out of it. Pierre observes that there are more than two bodies in the photo. Paula runs to the window and trips over a cord, falling to her death. Pierre looks out and then notes there are four bodies in the photo. He drops the camera, then falls to his death.
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