The Twilight Zone

Season 2 Episode 10

A Most Unusual Camera

Aired Unknown Dec 16, 1960 on CBS

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  • A camera can take picture of the future.

    While on the surface, the episode may seem boring and awful, if you watch it a second time, you'll learn to love it. The husband is delightfuly angry, always upset with his wife. his wife is quite amazing as the shrewdy character who thinks he loves the two men in here life, only to get over their deaths in a second. Woodworth is the only sympathetic character, and even then we can assume that his stupidity is, indeed, HIS fault. The french waiter's small role is memorable enough, but I would think that an expanded role could have explained it better. The characters are all wicked, making their deaths all the more guiltily delightful.
  • A cautionary tale about greed and foreknowledge.

    Serling was never above "borrowing" plots and situations now and then. Not plagiarism, you understand, just a little "deriving." Sort of like the Milton Berle of drama.

    This episode, for example, has always reminded me of the Nelson Bond tale, "Johnny Cartright's Camera," published in 1940 (Unknown magazine) and anthologized in Mr. Mergenthwirker's Lobblies and Other Fantastic Tales (1946).

    A small-time second-story man and his wife discover, in the swag from their latest heist, a camera that takes Polaroid-style photographs of events occurring five minutes in the future. As always, there's a hitch. The camera will deliver only ten snapshots to a customer, and several shots are wasted before the hapless owners learn this fact.

    The fun starts after the thieves make a big score at the racetrack.

    Bond's story was played mostly for laughs while Serling, as he generally does, goes for the moral object lesson.

    Mildly amusing and worth watching.
  • Left out

    Enterating but flawed-at the end there should have been a part where instead of the camera falling to the floor it is picked up by a bystander and the process begins all over again with other greedy suckers