The Twilight Zone

Season 2 Episode 10

A Most Unusual Camera

Aired Unknown Dec 16, 1960 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: The inscription on the camera reads dix a la proprietaire.

    • When Chester's wife wakes up in bed and Chester is looking over the camera, in the wide shot Chester flips the camera to where the handle is pointing towards the ceiling, but then the next shot has him holding the camera with the handle facing the window.

    • How did the brother know where his sister and her husband were at after he escaped and jimmied open their door? The couple was staying in a hotel and they acted like they haven't seen him in quite a while when he appeared on the picture of him walking in the room. They said he couldn't possibly walk through the door cause he's been in prison for a year already.

    • How did the French waiter manage to plummet to his death at the end? It wasn't clear whether he tripped over something, fainted, or simply hurled himself over the sill, as the focus was taken off of him and placed on the camera.

  • Quotes

    • (Opening Narration)
      Narrator: A hotel suite that in this instance serves as a den of crime, the aftermath of a rather minor event to be noted on a police blotter, an insurance claim, perhaps a three-inch box on page twelve of the evening paper. Small addenda to be added to the list of the loot: a camera, a most unimposing addition to the flotsam and jetsam that it came with, hardly worth mentioning really, because cameras are cameras, some expensive, some purchasable at five-and-dime stores. But this camera, this one's unusual, because in just a moment we'll watch it inject itself into the destinies of three people. It happens to be a fact that the pictures that it takes can only be developed in the Twilight Zone.

    • Chester: This thing could come from witches or... sorcerers. It could be loaded with black magic.
      Paula: And what are you loaded with?

    • Chester: Three posters in frames. The guy that painted these thinks that Picasso is a foreign sports car.

    • (Closing Narration)
      Narrator: Object known as a camera, vintage uncertain, origin unknown. But for the greedy, the avaricious, the fleet of foot who can run a four-minute mile so long as they're chasing a fast buck, it makes believe that it's an ally, but it isn't at all. It's a beckoning come-on for a quick walk around the block in the Twilight Zone.

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