The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 28

A Nice Place to Visit

Aired Unknown Apr 15, 1960 on CBS

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  • After being shot and killed by police, lifelong petty criminal Rocky Valentine is greeted by a man named Mr. Pip. Pip gives Rocky everything he wants which makes Rocky believe he's in heaven and that Pip is his guardian angel. But is he really?

    What I like about this episode is how it plays around with the commonly held beliefs of what heaven and hell are. Rocky believed he was in heaven because he had everything he always wanted in life. Things went his way, he always won at gambling and women were falling at his feet. He has to be in heaven, right? The acting is very good here as it usually is in this series. This episode isn't perfect (The scene at the Hall of Records pretty much gives away the ending as to where Rocky is), but it's worth your time.
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