The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 36

A World of His Own

Aired Unknown Jul 01, 1960 on CBS

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  • Man finds himself in a place he doesn't recall and no ones around.

    I can see already why this is the classic. The cinematography was phenomenal, the use of shadow, the way they framed the chracter to make him looked trapped, but showed that 'box' in a wide open space. Really clever stuff, and all linked to the final twist, which isn't the kind of shock like you'd get from an EC comic, it's been subtely hinted at throughout. Truely unerving storyline and shocking ending, perfect Sci-Fi ending in that it asks as mnay questions as it answers. Perhaps a bit slow at times, but added to the feeling of seclusion so I can easily let it go, as it gave me time (30mins I didn't think would be enough)to really invest in the chracter

    Top notch.
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