The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 11

And When the Sky Was Opened

Aired Unknown Dec 11, 1959 on CBS

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  • It raises more questions than answers, but there's nothing wrong with that.

    This is "Twilight Zone" at its best - ordinary people caught up in extraordinary situations, trying to convince disbelievers of their plight and only finally figure it all out when it's too late. We never know what happens to the men and their ship - what explanation could match the drama of the story? It's merely enough for us to know that they are vanishing and leaving behind no memory of their existence. If there had been an effort to quantify or explain what was behind all of this, its impact would be diminished. The unknown is always more frightening than an identifiable menace - the men have no idea what they're up against and are powerless against it. With the suspense perfectly doled out until the final moments, this is a classic of "The Twilight Zone."