The Twilight Zone

Season 2 Episode 13

Back There

Aired Unknown Jan 13, 1961 on CBS

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  • An Amazing Episode of "The Twilight Zone" that will have you asking, "What if?"

    Lately, I've been on a nostalgia TV viewing craze, and what I have been interested in are good episodes of "The Twilight So far, the episode that has interested me the most (out of what I have watched so far) is this episode. Humans have accomplished a lot of things, but one thing that remains out of our grasp (as far as most people know and/or assume) is the prospect of time travel. It's a question that has ignited for many centuries, in the minds of many people. What IF you could go back in time, to any date you wanted, to any time you chose? Where WOULD you go? What WOULD you do? And would you be able to change history in the process? This episode explores such a theoretical question in the way that only "The Twilight Zone" can offer. An average man, named Peter Corrigan, inexplicably finds himself HURTLED backwards through time, from April 14, 1961 to 96 years in the past; April 14, 1865, the infamous date of Lincoln's assassination! Peter Corrigan believes that if there is even the SLIGHTEST chance that he can prevent Lincoln's death, than history may be changed for the better! Of course, Lincoln's well-known killer, John Wilkes Booth, isn't about to let some strange (to him) man) change the course of events that he WANTS to have happen. John Wilkes Booth lies and DRUGS Peter in order to prevent Peter from being able to do anything that could stop John Wilkes Booth from doing what he planned to do. However, Peter DID manage to change one thing about history. Before Peter left on his time-travel trip, he BUMPED into an ordinary attendant named William who just started as an intern. When Peter returned, he found that William was now a self-made MILLIONAIRE, all because Peter informed William's Great-Grandfather of the fact that Lincoln WOULD be assassinated, and the fact that William's ancestor BELIEVED Peter! And in doing so, used that information to make himself and his descendants rich! Some historically significant events, such as World War I and World War II, are probably TOO tightly intertwined into our timelines and probably can't be changed much. But smaller, less significant facts COULD be changed and make the future for certain people better, or potentially worse. Either way, it's an excellent question asked and cryptically answered in the famous series of, "The Twilight Zone!" 8) Enough said! ;)
  • I recognise that face...


    Part of the fun of watching Twilight Zone episodes is trying to predict what the twist in the tale is going to be (for those episodes which feature such, which is most of them). Some of these are amusingly obvious - take "The Eye of the Beholder", for example. When I was watching "Back There", I reached the scene in the police station when the main protagonist is about to be thrown into the drunk tank and instead he is handed over to the custody of the supposed alienist, "Mr. Wellington". Unfortunately, I wasn't fooled for a moment, for, as soon as the actor playing the character came into shot I thought, "Hey, that guy looks like John Wilkes Booth". I guess TV producers of the time didn't expect the average viewer to be familiar with the appearance of historical personages (with the possible exception of Lincoln, perhaps). :P
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