The Twilight Zone

Season 5 Episode 18

Black Leather Jackets

Aired Unknown Jan 31, 1964 on CBS

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  • A young Shelley Fabares, innocent and pure...and naive.

    Three strangers arive in town and one of them (Scott) knocks sweet Ellen off her feet...while he was supposed to be on guard. Apparently him and his group are in an advaced unit from outerspace. Upon returning to the house they are renting, one of his fellow \"agents\" lectures him for getting too close to the girl and expresses his concern that he is letting his duties slide. I can understand why she would fall for him, he is quite a handsome guy, but a little clean cut for a rough and tumble motorcycle group. Late one night, he does the cliched knock on the window and warns her that she is in danger and that everyone is going to die. She is very calm for someone who even remotely thinks she may be in danger. Then, after telling her father of the danger, he calls law enforcement saying that their neighbor is mentally disturbed. Calling the local police? Because a neighborhood boy is saying silly things to try to get close to your daughter? Um, no!

    At the end of the converstion, he is twisting a metal disc with the groups insignia on it. UH OH!!! He is one of the aliens. In the end, the \"law enforcement agent\" comes to Ellen\'s house to find out more and while he is there, Scott comes over to warn her to leave. He spots his fellow agent and the agent grabs up the \"mentally disturbed\" boy and drags him off. This is the end of the episode, and we can only imagine that after the agent drags Scott off Ellen and her parents start to see that what Scott was trying to say was true and regrets taking for granted the rantings of a young boy!
  • poor poor

    1950's paronia about Black leather motorcyle riders