The Twilight Zone

Season 5 Episode 28

Caesar and Me

Aired Unknown Apr 10, 1964 on CBS

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  • Creepy talking doll...even creepier bad seed little girl!

    This was a great episode. Reminiscent of the movie Bad Seed and maybe a little Poltergeist, where that evel creepy clown comes to life. This ventriloquist (Jonathan) carries on conversations with his dummy. And the dummy (Caesar) answers him back!! The poor guy can\'t find a job and Caesar eggs him on...telling him he is a washup, won\'t get the job and that they are going to become homeless. Caesar actually cons Jonathan into robbing a local bar.

    Susan gives Jonathan as much of a hard time as Caesar does. She is really quite a pain in the rear end. She runs down the stairs yelling \"Jonathan can\'t find a job, Jonathan can\'t find a job.\" When Jonathan pays the rent, she says \"Well wonders never cease.\" At one point, she goes into Jonathan\'s room and harrasses Caesar, yelling at him to say something. Jonathan catches her in there and asks her what she was doing in there. She runs off without explanation.

    The only problem I had with this episode was when Caesar was walking around the room in front of Jonathan, you cn tell that he is on wheels, and I think they could have made it look a little more like he was actually walking instead of it looking like he was being wheeled around.

    The show ends with Susan calling the police about Jonathan robbing the Karaoka Club and the police taking Jonathan away. Caesar has concocted the scheme and want a new ventriloquist. Susan \"adopts\" Caesar and they dcide to give showbiz a least until Caesar gets tired of Susan!!!!