The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 36

Cavender is Coming

Aired Unknown May 25, 1962 on CBS

Episode Recap

Clutzy Agnes Grep takes a job as a movie usher and immediately finds herself falling on the carpet. She's unaware that she's attracted the attention of Heaven, where head angel Polk puts chronic screw-up Harmen Cavender ion charge of Agnes' case. Polk gives Cavender 24 hours to make her happy or he'll be reclassified. Meanwhile, Agnes' manager Stout instructs her in the elaborate hand signals he uses to direct all of the ushers. Agnes is totally lost and soon goes running to Stout for help... through his office mirror. He fires her and she gets on the bus, where Cavender appears next to her. He tries to explain that he's working as her guardian angel, but she refuses to believe her until he transforms the bus into a convertible... after first messing up and turning it into a horse-drawn wagon. After getting it right, he reverts the vehicle back to the bus and the driver desperately quit, thinking he's nuts. Agnes gets off the bus to get away from Cavender, who writes "Guardian Angel" in mid-air with glowing letters.

All of Agnes' neighbors know and love her and she's happy to help them. Going into her apartment, she finds Cavender waiting for her on her couch. He concludes that he has to make her independently wealthy so she doesn't have to worry about a job and can be happy. He provides her with a manor and a bank account and then transports her to the party that she's holding for the upper crust of society. They're all a bunch of drunks and snobs and Agnes is quickly overwhelmed and disgusted, while Cavender enjoys a drink. A lot of drinks. After the party is over, Cavender wakes up only to discover that Agnes has gone back to her apartment. However, she's discovered that none of her neighbors remember her any more. Cavender tries to explain that there's a price to pay for everything, and Agnes asserts she was happy with her friends. Cavender reluctantly gives her back her original life and her friends know who she is again.

As Agnes bids him farewell, Cavender is summoned up to Heaven by Polk. The head angel reviews the case and believes that Cavender has failed, until they notice a happy Agnes bowling... badly. Polk decides that Cavender has a talent for helping mortals, and announces that from now on he will be helping other people just as bad off as Agnes.
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