The Twilight Zone

Season 5 Episode 34

Come Wander with Me

Aired Unknown May 22, 1964 on CBS

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  • Different, in a mysterious way that sticks with you.

    Come Wander With Me starts with a music artist looking for a new song, and ending up stuck in a small rural county town. He meets a girl named Mary Rachel, who has the voice of an angel and a sad/sweet song to go with it.

    The county folk don\'t take kindly to the artist and come after him, to which he accidentally kills one. He\'s shocked that the tape he made of Mary has changed, to include new lyrics about the killing. He asks her how it got there, and she says it is the way the song goes, and it has always gone that way. The town comes after the artist, all the while Mary sings the song.

    Come Wander With Me is a different episode of Twilight Zone in the waning days of the end of a generation. Twilight Zone is known for the formula of throwing in a mystery and revealing it with a twist in the end. Come Wander With Me differs, the mystery is never really resolved. Who exactly are these people, and why does the song control them? Who is Mary Rachel supposed to be?

    It\'s this open ending that sticks with me. This is my favorite Twilight Zone episode because of the number of questions it leaves behind. It\'s strangely appropriate this was the last Twilight Zone episode filmed. And Bonnie Beecher\'s voice is unforgettable. I find it strange she never did much more.

    He said; Come Wander With Me.
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