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Over-the-top sweeps stunt from NBC to feature 3D episode hosted by The Twilight Zone's late creator.
Nov 17, 2005
Rod Serling to introduce 3D episode of Medium

Reaching beyond the grave, and The Twilight Zone, to hype one of its hits for this month's ratings "sweep," NBC has enlisted the late Rod Serling to introduce a 3D episode of its supernatural drama Medium.

The November 21 broadcast of Medium, starring Patricia Arquette as a psychic crime solver, will feature several spooky three-dimensional effects, and the network is distributing millions of 3D glasses, most of them through TV Guide magazine, ahead of the episode.

The most novel element of the broadcast for those viewers without glasses, perhaps, will be the 45-second opening sequence in which Sterling is "reanimated" in an altered film clip taken from The Twilight Zone, the often-creepy sci-fi anthology he hosted on CBS during the 1960s.

"He basically explains to people about the glasses, when to put them on, and ...

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Scare Tactics
Oct 27, 2011
Screaming for Streaming: Over 60 Scary TV Shows and Movies to Watch Online Right Now
With less than a week until Halloween, you've got plenty of viewing to do.
safe for work
May 10, 2010
Debbie Downer Wasn't Always So Down
Here's where everyone will be clicking today.
You'll have plenty of reasons to stay inside this first week of October when you see this batch of DVDs. Revisit the first episodes of C.S.I. and Frasier, or watch them for the first time. For solid Sci-Fi offerings, you have the complete series of The Twilight Zone, the second season of Medium, Andromeda's season five, and a slim set of Stargate SG-1. And don't forget to bring home the classics The Brady Bunch, Three's Company, and The Greatest American Hero!
Sep 27, 2006
October 3, 2006 DVD Releases

C.S.I.: Crime Scene Investigation

The Premiere Episodes, Season One

Buy the DVD!

More C.S ...

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When the days get shorter and the nights get long, what could be better than curling up on your couch with some fresh popcorn and a season or two of your favorite TV shows?
Oct 18, 2005
October 18, 2005 DVD releases


The Complete First Season

This third installation in the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation franchise takes us straight to the gritty streets of Manhattan, where driven detectives Mack Taylor (Gary Sinise) and Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes) guide a team of experts to the resolutions of New York's most mysterious crimes. These crackerjack investigators have to rely on natural talent and hard-earned skill to comb the city for the shreds of evidence that, once compiled, form arguments strong enough to crack even the hardest cases.

This seven-disc DVD set comprises all 24 episodes of CSI: NY's first season, including favorites like "Creatures of the Night," "Three Generations Are Enough," and "What You See Is What You Get." Special features include cast interviews, a set tour, and featurettes covering "the zoo year," "the world's largest crime scene," and "the science behind the scenes."

Watch ...

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The PBS series American Masters will give viewers an in-depth look at the life, career, and creative process of comedian Bob Newhart in this Wednesday's prime-time episode.
Jul 19, 2005
PBS honors Bob Newhart

Veteran comic Bob Newhart has been selected as a subject for PBS's American Masters, a series of "film portraits" that celebrate the lives and works of the country's most creative and significant artists. Previous episodes have featured the likes of Lucille Ball, Aretha Franklin, Arthur Miller, Rod Serling, and more than 100 other influential "masters."

Newhart, a former accountant, began his comedy career in 1960, when Warner Bros. Records released his debut comedy album, "The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart." The record shot to number one on the charts and won three Grammys, inspiring Newhart to move to Hollywood to star in an NBC variety show. The show, though it won an Emmy, was canceled after one year due to poor ratings.

After seasoning his talent for a few years in guest roles and nightclub appearances, Newhart returned to TV with the CBS sitcom The Bob Newhart Show ...

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Independence Day is fast approaching, and these great new DVD sets are out just in time to keep you in the pink for the whole red, white, and blue holiday weekend!
Jun 27, 2005
June 28, 2005 DVD Releases


The end is here, and the faithful may rejoice! Revelations, the six-hour epic miniseries that aired on NBC earlier this spring, has arrived on DVD.

The ritual murder of an innocent child starts the Revelations story by kicking off a chain of events that mirror those prophesied in the Bible's book of Revelation. As it becomes increasingly apparent that these are, indeed, the "End of Days," the child's father, a rational-minded astrophysicist (Bill Pullman), must partner with a devout nun (Natascha McElhone) in the ultimate battle between good and evil.

This groundbreaking television event fills two discs with mayhem, mystery, and miracles, along with special onscreen interviews with the cast and writer/producer David Seltzer.

Watch a clip from the Revelations DVD here!

Get the Revelations DVD here!

The Daily ...

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Scariest Episode?

My Dad was so freaked out by Eye of the Beholder when he was a kid, but I still get creeped out by the words "room for one more..."

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