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The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 9

Deaths-Head Revisited

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1961 on CBS

Episode Fan Reviews (4)

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  • Evil Never Forgoteen

    This episode is mainly about Holicost awarness and why it is important never to forget it. It has a cold, creepy, and rather sad sensabilty to it.

    The main protagonist Gunther Lutze is a evil character you don't like and your not suppose to since he was a former Nazi SS Gestopo officer, who feels no guilt about his crimes and visits the camp and looks sickenly fondly at all of the ancient ruins of the camp as if they were the best years of his life, it really makes you cringe and gives you a sick feeling just seeing that smile on his face. And of course he gets poetic justice delivered to him by the ghosts of the camp. From the details the ghost Becker gives about what occured in the camp make the episode all the more painful and sad, knowing how many inocent lives have suffered and died at the hands of evil.

    Concentration Camps have to remain standing because they are monuments a reminder that evil was upon humanity and nearly destroyed all that is good and why it must never happen again.
  • A man, who was once an SS Nazi Captain, goes back to the concentration camp that he once ruled. He wants to remember the good old times, in his opinion, unfortunately for him, the ghosts of the past are waiting for him.

    Definately one of the top 10 BEST episodes of Twilight Zone. This is so well done and well written. It actually was written by Rod Serling himself: No wonder its so good! It tells the story of a Captain Lutzer, who is a SS nazi, who has vanished for many years and wants to come home, so to speak. He misses the good old days of himself terrorizing hundreds of people. He arrives at the camp but sees an old acquaintance of his days at the camp. You eventually find out that the person is a ghost of the past and was killed by the Captain on the last day before the Americans arrived at the camp. What happens during these few minutes between the ghost and Captain Lutzer is fantastic and the ending is great. Justice is given. What makes this truly great is the dialogue and the fantastic words that the ghost, who was once a person doomed to die at the camp, says near the end. The words are so haunting and are truly something to be remembered as long as there are people in the world. Even the final words by Serling is so true and so important to be said. A GREAT EPISODE.
  • A Nazi captain gets what he deserves from the ghosts of his victims.

    This is maybe my favorite. Evil is almost always punished in the Twilight Zone, and this episode proves it. Never boring, I greatly enjoyed a Nazi's descent into madness. The caretaker is calm and smooth when needed, but his voice can become even more threatening than even Talky Tina, and we find we enjoy it. Especially wonderful is the closing narration. Rod Serling writes this story with such an obvious passion, fueling the hatred of hate until the last of the stars fade and the marathon continues. Every single line is treated like Shakespeare, written and delivered with such greatness that it's a ghastly shame this episode never won an Emmy.
  • flawed

    Sorry no KZ ever looked like this