The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 26


Aired Unknown Apr 01, 1960 on CBS

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  • A man sentenced to death during the 1800s finds himself transported the 1950s.

    Very similar story at least initially to A Hundred Years over the Rim. A lot of similar plot devices and characters acting the same way but different twists and ending. Although I like One Hundred Yards, I love this one more. This one for me is one those episodes that I always remember. It has a darker tone than other story and has a couple of ingenious twists to illustrate its main message about justice, retribution, and the way men behave regardless of what century it is.

    This guy Caswell gets hanged and deserved so for murdering a lot of people. He gets bailed out of his predicament by a science whose built a time traveling machine. Russell Johnson plays the scientist who notices his inhabitant. He doesn't realize who he has beamed aboard till later. Russell is great here. He's a veteran actor already a recognized named before Gilligan's Island came around.

    The way the killer Caswell acts is like Horn in Over the Rim. The modernized Earth he sees scares the hell out of him. There's even a scene involving a jukebox that's hilariously similar to Over the Rim with a couple of exceptions.

    Eventually just like Horn, Caswell is overcome by the modernized terrors of the world. He handles it differently. What I found fascinating among many things about the episodes like time travel aspect is how Rod makes a commentary about men in general.

    Caswell is given the opportunity a second chance to be alive again and does what he did originally in the 1800s which is to kill a man. He could have traveled to the past and back, and the result would have been the same. I think that's why the ending at the end, despite it happening to someone else, serves as a rather moral message about why certain men should feel the long end of a rope for their deeds in life.

    The ending is very clever. Rod sums it up very well.

    This episode therefore sticks out for me for a lot of reasons. Just like Over The Rim there are a couple of psychological questions posed but a lot of themes about justice, retribution, and the way men regardless of what time period there in always act the same.