The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 14

Five Characters in Search of an Exit

Aired Unknown Dec 22, 1961 on CBS

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  • 5 totally different charachters , for some reason, are trapped in a barrel, for no rhyme or reason,... and no way out!!

    5 distinct characters, all with different personalities, like and dislike, reasons of whats importnat, are trapped in a round cylindar, with no chance of getting out, they all have to use all of the intellect to figure a way out of this predicament, its kind of scary in a way, especially the clown or juggeler type character, afetr trying time and time again to get out, by standing on each others heads, the finally get one to the top, the 4 inside never no what happens, the one that makes it out falls into to the snow, right outside of a christmas good will toys for tots type collection box, the 5 misfits who seem unloved and and having no hope, are all meant for ones who really have that life, underprivileged children, joy to watch
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