The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 14

Five Characters in Search of an Exit

Aired Unknown Dec 22, 1961 on CBS

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  • Five diverse, amnesiac characters struggle to find an escape from their cylindrical prison.

    The best Twilight Zone ever? Quite possibly; top three if nothing else. This episode had everything that makes this show great: A solid premise, good characterization, suspense, and a totally unexpected twist ending that does not "cheat" in any way (i.e., it fits in logically with the rest of the episode). Rod Serling hit a home run here, and I would love to read the short story "The Depository" by Martin Petal on which Serling's script was based. The actors all do a great job, and the overall execution was perfect. If you ever need to pick one single TZ episode to show someone as an example of what the enitre series was all about, this has to be on the short list.
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