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new movie, "The Box"

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    I guess it can be considered a compliment to the old series of Twilight Zone that directors are paying homage to one of their popular serial shows, The Box. But as I remember it was just a 30 minute show as part of the whole mini-series genre. To take on the task of stretching a 30 minute mini-series segment into a full-length that the public pretty much know how it will end, is a waste of time and 7 bucks. ?! I think I will pass and settle for re-watching the original short black & white version.
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    Actually, the TZ story appeared in the '85 version as a twenty minute segment in the hour long show and wasn't bad. That said, stretching the story out to 90 or so minutes with odd cast choices (Cameron Diaz and Frank Langella?) doesn't point to the movie being any good. I'm a little baffled why this story was picked over all the others they could have chosen from this genre....
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    You might be confusing the new movie with the original TZ episode "What's in the Box?" There's no black-and-white TZ version of Matheson's short story.

    As noted, "The Box" was part of the 1985 series.

    It's unlikely that the movie will bear much resemblance, or have the same ending, as the TZ adaptation. Unless there were people being run over by trucks in the TZ episode that I missed.

    That said, it looks like they're using the same box design as in the TZ episode.
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