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The 7th is made up of phantoms? Were the tank guys stupid or what???

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    OK this epiosode is about a national guard tank team that enouunters the events leading up to custers last stand. They KNOW what is going to happen next, they KNOW that they could defeat the indians EASILY if they had of rode in the stupid tank. But do they? NO!

    They go charging in with their sidearms and rifles and leave the tank behind!

    What a stupid episode!

    If I was going to go up against 2,000 sue indians, I would have brought something that would have evened the odds, you can bet on that!

    How stupid can you get? Having an armored tank and not using it? Not very bright writing, I must say.

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    First off, read your history and get the spelling right. It's SIOUX Indians.

    Second; watch the episode again. The tank was either out of fuel or had a mechanical malfunction, like a slipped gear or something. It's mentioned in the script.

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