The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 29

Four O'Clock

Aired Unknown Apr 06, 1962 on CBS

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  • A McCarthyite fanatic claims that he can make something terrible happen at four o'clock - and it does, but not in the way he expects.

    A very typical TZ episode, dominated by the grandstanding performance of Theodore Bikel as the extreme-right-wing nut-case who claims he can make all the evil people in the world (i.e., the ones he disagrees with) shrink to one-third of their normal size at four o'clock today. Bikel, wearing big glasses with enormous lenses, has a whale of a time portraying this poisonous bigot, a classic reactionary paranoid of a type all too commonplace in the heyday of Senator McCarthy (about a decade before this episode aired). His views are so extreme that even one of J. Edgar Hoover's G-men is appalled by him. His comeuppance is guessable, but satisfying. Was his parrot supposed to be a kind of familiar?
  • The episode focuses on Oliver Crangle, a right wing fanatic who is obsessed with reporting people as evil.

    This is a really funny episode. This is maybe Serling's own punch on right wing paranoia and McCarthyism. A fanatic
    and his parrot is obssessed with compiling people as evil.

    Nothing wrong with that but as the FBI agent investigates his claim there really isn't any proof of it not even a parking ticket or a hate claim (like some right wing claiming that all Mexicans go illegally through the border).

    However, that was the focus of the episode fanaticism it's executed really well , and the episode is quite well done especially the twist at the end with person becoming a little midget.