The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 30

Hocus-Pocus and Frisby

Aired Unknown Apr 13, 1962 on CBS

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  • best funny episode

    Of all the scary, thought provoking and sci fi rific stuff to come out of TW I find this a comic gem. MY second favorite overall. Will the real martian please stand up? is my fav, this episode then "The hunt".

    There are not to many that I find funny, I also like the episode where the guy goes back in time and is in a silent movie. The harmonica as a death ray- cracks me up.
  • Frisby

    Some what below average episode with some comedy element. Frisby is funny at times. The aliens look nice when they aren't wearing their human masks. Not a horrible episode just in between.

    Triva: Floyd the barber from "Andy Griffith show" is in this episode.
  • Mr Frisby, teller of tall tales finds himself in a real far-fetched situation and learns the lesson of 'The Boy who Cried Wolf.'

    Although this episode was not one of the greater stories, I found it particularly amusing the way Mr Frisby would immediately come up with his stories of greatness. I would guess Rod Serling threw in the horrible harmonica playing as an afterthought to give Frisby an out from the aliens. Although other reviewers have chastised the storyline as being 'silly,' it did contain some basic Science-Fiction standbys: teleportation, telepathic communication, aliens appearing to look as humans later turning out to be ugly.

    The character of Mr Brisby was more loveable than obnoxious, his friends showed their compassion towards him in the end, loving him for who he was rather than in spite of who he was.
  • Mr. Somerset Frisby is a man who is a man of many accomplishments, or so he claims to be. One day, while working at his store, Frisby attracts the attention of a group of space aliens who capture him with the intention of putting him in a zoo.

    While this is not one of the best episodes of "The Twilight Zone," it's certainly very entertaining. Andy Devine is perfectly cast as Frisby. The aliens are another highlight of this episode. Their true appearance adds just the right amount of scariness to the episode. It's a real treat to see how Frisby escapes his captors. It's one flaw is its predicable ending. I think I can say with all certaintly that every viewer of this episode knew what would happen when Frisby told his friends what happened to him. While it's not a perfect episode, its certainly worth seeing.
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