The Twilight Zone

Season 1 Episode 15

I Shot an Arrow into the Air

Aired Unknown Jan 15, 1960 on CBS

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  • A fantastic tale about Malthusian measures, and irrational rationality

    This is a fantastic tale against the Malthusian ideas, and similar decision to sacrify few humans to save the group.

    If you can do that at the last minute, when deaths it staring at you in the eyes, don't do that using prediction model, deciding to let people die, to kill them, to same "the planet", "the group" "the nation"...

    you never know is behind the dune there is a surprise.

    This episode inspired me, and make me resist to current fashion.

    And guess what ? I have seen beyond the dune, and yes we are saved, once again.
  • telephone polls

    if only that dumb ass cory had waited they couldve all lived
  • absurd premise


    The actual adventure part of the story is quite good. Unfortunately, the whole thing crashes and burns at the end with the ridiculous twist. I mean, any group of astronauts who can't figure out that they're back on earth pretty much deserve to die, in my book.

  • Amazing twist at the end!!!

    This episode is one of my favorite episodes of The Twilight Zone. I never ever expected it to end the way it did. Where did Rod Serling come up with this stuff!? He's a genius! At the end where the guy sees the telephone poles, my mouth was literally hanging wide open. That was so good! I just couldn't believe it! The whole time I, along with the three men in the episode, thought they were on an asteroid. And then it turns out that they hadn't even made it off the earth. This is truly a series classic .
  • Wonderfully written!

    I Shot An Arrow Into The Air is one of my favorite episodes of The Twilight Zone. Like all Twilight Zone episodes it has a surprising twist at the end. Personally this is one of my favorite endings to an episode. I just never ever expected it. It was such a big shocker to find out that they had actually still been on the earth the whole entire time. I loved the guys reaction when he discovered what had happened. And then seeing the sign and the telephone poles at the very end. Truly awesome! And I love the little rhyme that goes along with the title:

    "I shot an arrow into the air It fell to earth, I know not where."

    I supposed this shoud have been a big clue to the ending! Anyways I love and truly enjoy everytime I get to see this episode.
  • A classic twist

    This is one of the greats. Three astronauts crash land on an asteroid, and after mistrust sets in, paranoid Corey kills the other two. The second, however, draws a figure in the sand before he dies. Corey then discovers a gas station over a hill and realizes they had landed in the Nevada desert the whole time. The other astronaut had drawn the powerlines in the sand. Definately a classic.