The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 8

It's a Good Life

Aired Unknown Nov 03, 1961 on CBS

Episode Recap

The town of Peaksville, Ohio has been removed from the world, or the world has been destroyed. The cause? A monster who took away all the machines and cut off the electricity, using just the power of his mind. Mr. Freemont is the owner of the house where the monster lives. Aunt Amy, who had some control over the monster at first, sung once and the monster destroyed her mind. Everyone else keeps smiling and thinking happy thoughts, since the monster can read their minds and will destroy or mutate them if they think unhappy thoughts.

The monster? Six-year-old Anthony Freemont.

Delivery boy Bill Soames arrives at the Freemont home and sees Anthony playing with a three-head gopher. Bored, Anthony destroys it but Bill and Aunt Amy all praise Anthony. Bill then goes inside and gives the groceries to Anthony's mother, and it's clear that supplies are running out. He wants to make sure that Mrs. Freemont mentions Billy helped out to Anthony, and she talks about how Anthony created another animal that almost bit him. Bill quickly gets out and Mrs. Freemont mentions that it's television night and they'll be having a surprise party for Dan Hollis. Mrs. Freemont goes outside and notices that Aunt Amy is talking badly about Anthony. Mrs. Freemont warns her that Anthony can hear their thoughts no matter where he is. Anthony comes back and Mrs. Freemont starts praising the hot weather as she waves to her son.

Mr. Freemont is cleaning up when Anthony comes in to see him. He wonders if Anthony did anything to the cows, like he did with pigs a year ago. Mr. Freemont talks about the surprise party and Anthony complains about the fact no kids came over. His father warns that the last time Anthony had kids over, he wished them into the cornfield and their parents were upset. Anthony hears Bill Soames' dog barking outside, and talks about a neighbor who thought bad thoughts about him. When Anthony heard them, he set the man on fire. The dog keeps barking and Anthony kills it just by looking at it, but his parents keep praising him.

That evening at television night, everyone watches Anthony's TV show about dinosaurs and everyone applauds. Mrs. Freemont then announces Dan's birthday party and Dan's wife gives him a Perry Como record as a present. Dan wants to play it and everyone looks at Anthony, but Anthony doesn't like singing. They have Pat Riley play the piano and he asks Anthony what to play, but Anthony says to play whatever he wants. Meanwhile, Dan starts drinking heavily despite his wife's efforts to get him to stop. He starts rambling about how there's only five bottles of whiskey left as Pat falters on the piano. Dan throws his glass in the fireplace and the Freemonts try to calm him down without success. Dan tells Pat to play "Happy Birthday" and starts singing, but Pat ignores him. He then snaps at the Freemonts, blaming them for having the monster. He starts singing and Anthony stares at him, and Dan challenges the others to kill Anthony while he's focused on Dan. Anthony says Dan is a bad man and nobody else moves. The boy stares and then transforms Dan into a jack-in-the-box. Mr. Freemont tells Anthony to wish it into the cornfield and Anthony does so. He warns everyone else to think good thoughts and Aunt Amy starts rambling about the old days while the others lead a sobbing Mrs. Hollis away. The wind starts up outside and snow begins to fall. Half the crops are ruined and Mr. Freemont starts to yell, but when his wife warns him he praises his son.
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