The Twilight Zone

Season 3 Episode 8

It's a Good Life

Aired Unknown Nov 03, 1961 on CBS

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  • The Twilight Zone show that you'll never forget. A boy with the power to get rid of anything he doesn't like is what really makes this show suspensful.

    This is a must see Twilight Zone episode which also defines the seires. If you've never seen this episode then you don't know the Twilight Zone. This is the show that made me think of what would happen if the situation of a little boy having that power. It makes you think a whole lot like what happens in the cornfield? Is it really a cornfield? Why was he born with such power? Why couldn't they just kill him. For those who didn't like the ending, well, it's the perfect ending to a Twilight Zone episode. If you would like to know what happened to Anthony, there's the sequel, it's still a good life, which shows what happened when Anthony grew up and had a daughter of his own.
  • A small town is held captive by a young boy named Anthony Freemont. Everybody in the town, even Anthony's own family, struggle to keep Anthony happy for fear of risking the wrath of his telepathic powers.

    Watch this episode and even you will fear Anthony Freemont and his telepathic powers. The cast gives a first rate performance throughout the episode. The viewer can really sense the fear in the faces of the cast and actually feel it themselves. I also like the fact that Anthony is a young boy because that adds an extra element of fear to the story. The danger to the townspeople is even more grave because Anthony is a boy and is too young to really realize the danger his power possesses and has no real grasp of its consequences. Classic episode.
  • It's A Good Life has one of the best plots and really showcases the sci- fi element the Twilght Zone had to offer.

    It's A Good Life is a very speacial episode in my opinon. To start it is timeless and classic and I just love the acting. Billy Mumy is a great actor and I watch him all the time on my Lost In Space DVDs. The episode is really fun and just wonderful and creepy.
  • My thoughts on one of the most memorable episodes.

    In this episode, parts can be humorous, one part can bring tears to the eyes, and some find it quite scary (and it's probably one of the episodes that causes some people to consider The Twilight Zone a horror series). I think it\'s the only episode that can bring out all three of those emotions (though probably not all 3 for the same person).

    After the 1st time I saw it, for some reason, the most memorable line from this (or any) episode was \"You\'re a bad man. You\'re a VERY bad man.\" Now when I watch it, I can say a lot of the lines along with them.

    I\'m just wondering why Aunt Amy didn\'t go ahead and hit Anthony over the head with the poker like she was about to.
  • One of the All-time Best TZ Episodes

    One of the best. Yet, it isn't on any collection boxed sets of even the Season 3 Box Set. Why is that?
  • An Interesting Reference to Fascist Governments

    The power Anthony has in some ways resembles the Power of Russian Dictator Stalin and Nazi Hitler. The way anyone with even an ounce of thought related to conspiracy is thrown out or killed. The way everyone must always say that it's "Really good, It' very good that you're doing this Anthony!" Is like forced propaganda. In addition, Anthony controls all sources of communication and media, whether it's the TV or the thoughts of the community. A very frightening thought at that.