The Twilight Zone

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Feb 14, 1963 on CBS

Episode Recap

Jess-Belle is determined that Billy-Ben Turner and Ellwyn Glover not marry. She enlists the aid of a local witch who casts a spell that makes Billy-Ben completely forget Ellwyn, and fall madly in love with Jess-Belle. Jess-Belle learns what the price for the spell was when midnight comes and she transforms into a leopard until dawn. A hunting party finds the leopard and shoots it, and it disappears in a cloud of smoke. A year later when Billy-Ben is preparing to marry Ellwyn, Jess-Belle reappears. Billy-Ben learns from the local witch to kill Jess-Belle he must stab one of her dresses with silver. He returns home to find Ellwyn possesses by Jess-Belle. He grabs one of her dresses and stabs it. Jess-Belle appears in the dress then disappears for good.