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The Twilight Zone

Season 4 Episode 7


Aired Unknown Feb 14, 1963 on CBS

Episode Fan Reviews (4)

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  • screwed up epsiode

    Icuhave ended up sterotyped happy Jees belle gets billy love at the price of her soul. However in a typcial twist ending the best thing that could have happens to her is getting killed at the end. Her makeup was just affual!
  • A haunting tale about a young girl who will go to extremes to win the heart of the man she loves.

    This is one of my all time favorites. I think that this story is nicely written and well directed. One of the most chilling Twilight Zone episodes there is.

    Poor Jess-Belle would do anything to make Billy-Ben fall in love with her... even if it means giving her soul to a witch, who in turn transforms Jess-Belle into a witch. As the story unfolds desperate Jess-Belle becomes heartless.

    In the end I always feel sorry for Jess-Belle, portrayed by the lovely Anne Francis, desperate for love, she gives up her soul and eventually she gives up her life.

    A haunting, yet sorrowful tale that is The Twilight Zone at it's very best.
  • What starts out as an interesting story is ruined by the hour long time period and we are left with a story that goes on and on and on.

    I love the Twilight Zone and rarely have I ever come upon a bad episode. But this one takes the cake. It might have been an interesting story at a half hour time limit and become a decent episode. But it is by far the worst. To those who don't know what I'm talking about, during the fouth season of the Twlight Zone, changes in the schedule gave the Twilight Zone a whole hour to fill instead of a half hour. Rod Serling, the creator of the show, was against it, saying the Twilight Zone worked best in half hour segments. But the studio had stronger power and so the show was lengthened to an hour. Don't get me wrong. Season 4 had great episodes,"He's Alive!" being one of my top favorites of the series. Anyway back to this episode. It's been awhile since I've seen it but the premise is basically that a girl jealous of another girl who has stolen the attention of a boy she is in love with. So she goes to a women who is believed to be a witch, to cast hateful magic on the other girl. Interesting plot. Interesting story. But you can tell after the half hour mark, the writers become desperate, trying to lengthen a story that doesn't need it. Things twist and turn and going from being slightly believable (believable as it gets in this show) to absolutely confusing. I was disappointed with this episode, but the true beauty of it is, is that it was one of kind in a series so beautiful with rich stories, livid characters, and plots that constanly dove into the human subconscious. You realize that no greats can go without a stumble here and there. Being one of the few bad episodes of the orginal Twilight Zone, let's be glad there were so many great ones.
  • The Creation of Evil.

    The show finally takes itself into folklore territory since this tale is losely based on a 17 century folklore legend on the witch Jese-Belle. The phylosophical and moral concept is what is it that truely makes a person evil, that is what is explored in this tale.

    One of the things I really love about this episode are it's setting which has a gothic/brothers grimm like forboding moodness to it. But most of all what really works is the Jesse-Belle character herself. Anne Francis really makes the antagonist a three dimentional human chracter where we can't help but feel a little sympathy for her. Jesse-Belle was obviously a troubled soul that had a strong desire to love and have a relationship with the male protagonist. But the problem with her love for him is it's not real, she doesn't really know him that well both never had a real conversation with one another. It's more like she's in love with the concept of being in love. Her desire of course turns into a dangerous obsession which we see she goes to any lengths to get what she wants.

    And she does by selling her soul to an old witch to cast a spell for the male protagonist to fall in love with Jesse. But of course we see that she is not happy with the wish because she doesn't really get what she wants. The male protagonist thinks he loves her but as we see it not real love it all a lie. She realizes the consequences of her actions but it's too late she has already gone to far on a dark path where theres no going back, she run away and disapear never to be seen again without a soul. The spell of course is broken from her abandonment but unfortunately we see she is unfortunately still driven by oppsession and is still pursuing the male protagonists love. The obsession consumes her and she evolves into a force of evil. And I love the way she is made out where at times we see her and we don't see her, bad things then to happen mainly when she's not around with makes her seem all the more creepy. I really love the final conflict at the end which was sort of a race against time, were just constantly hoping the protagonist can stop Jesse before she kills his significant other.

    No one is ever born evil, it is always a choice in life on whatever we want to be. But whether we choice the path of light or the path of darkness we have to live and die with it. In the creation of evil the first casuilty is always the soul, then it's one's own life.