The Twilight Zone

Season 2 Episode 22

Long Distance Call

Aired Unknown Mar 31, 1961 on CBS

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  • Creepy Creepers

    I did not find that this episode was predictable. I honestly did not know if the boy was going to live or die. It seemed like he was not in the pond very long at all. This was one of my favorite episodes.
  • always awesome !

    this one was better than i thought hahaha cool concept just a risky subject haha i give an 8!
  • A boy is able to talk with his recently deceased grandmother.

    I found the plot of this episode predictable but the acting and writing were great. I was especially captivated by the ending and the fathers plea for his son's life. I found the mother's role to be one dimensional but I guess that was required for the story to work. As this is my first review ton I wanted to ask if any one else has an opinion on the "definitive collection" of the Twilight Zone? There are a small percentage of episodes that look like they are a recording of a tv screen, they look bad compared to the rest. Was there ever an explanation for this discrepancy?

  • Billy Mumy plays a kid who says he's talking to his dead Grandmother from a toy telephone.

    Decent episode, very preditable though. A lot is giving away when the Grandmother died and Rod Serling's introduction about life and death. Of course we get the feeling we will be hearing from Grandmother again and we do.

    Billy Bayles (Billy Mumy) claims he can talk to her on his toy phone. Everyone thinks he's traumatized until the mom hears the Grandmother. Then Billy in his rage when mother tries to stop his conversation falls into the pond and appears to be dying. The twist at the end with the Dad talking on the phone asking his mom to give him Billy back was predictable but still well executed.

    One of those happy endings for the show.